Sunday, June 27, 2010

Misuse of the Power of Suggestion

The Hidden Power - Thomas Troward - 1921
Troward talks of "shop assitants being trained to decoy or compel unknowing purchasers into buying what they do not want".
And of the unsuspecting purchaser? They will say: "How in the name of fortune did I come to buy this rubbish?"

Still prevalent today. As he wrote then:
"This recognition of the power of suggestion is in many instances taking a most undesirable form, and I commend to your notice, in support of this observation, numerous advertisements in certain classes of magazines--many of you must have seen many specimens of that kind--offering for a certain sum of money to put you in the way of getting personal influence, mental power, power of suggestion, as the advertisements very unblushingly put it, for any purpose that you may desire."

Hypnosis is about creating positive change.
IT IS NOT about influencing other people.


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