Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How You Can Tell If You Were Hypnotized #2

You may have a feeling of daydreaming, of floating, of detachment.

As you're entering hypnosis, there will be an extreme concentration on the hypnotist's voice. If you hear other sounds, they will not bother you. They may be faint or beyond your awareness. To you, the only pertinent sound is that of the hypnotist's voice.

You may experience a strong belief that you can carry out the suggestions, from the hypnotist or from yourself, or that you can reach your goal. That feeling will remain after you have returned to the normal state.

You may lose track of conscious time. Twenty minutes may seem like five minutes. You may or may not remember everything or anything that happened while you were under hypnosis.

You may achieve a state of such relaxation that you didn't feel like opening your eyes on command and may even have resented the suggestion. You may have tried to open your eyes before the command but found that you couldn't.


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