Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How You Can Tell If You Were Hypnotized

Under hypnosis, you may feel numb or tingling, light or heavy. Your eyes may water and your eyelids may flutter. Your saliva glands may overproduce, causing you to swallow frequently.

As the hypnotist gives his suggestions, you may have thought to yourself: "I didn't have to follow the suggestions; I just felt like it. I could have resisted, but it was so easy to go along with it." Under hypnosis, there is no carrying out the suggestions because you had to obey. You may act on the suggestions out of a compelling desire to do so. You may even carry out the suggestion without knowing it.

Sometimes, people under hypnosis may be in an uncomfortable position, may have an itch or an urge to swallow cough or sneeze and do nothing about it because it requires too much effort.

You may experience things that don't normally occur. For example, you may be unaware of your body.

All these phenomena are indications that you experienced hypnosis, but they are not always present during hypnosis.

The true test is whether you are making progress toward the goal you've set for yourself.


A word of caution. Guided meditations either in a group or listening to a CD makes you highly suggestible to what's said.

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