Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

How many of our thoughts deal with past regrets or an uncertain future.
A multitude of advisors through the ages have told us to learn and live in the present, but few of us do.

In reality all thoughts take place in the present.
The past is looking back from the present.
Today’s yesterday.
Today’s thought, thought Today.

The future is the concern of what is unknowable.
Today’s tomorrow.
Today’s thought, thought Today.

We move from experience to experience, event to event.
Whether pleasant or unpleasant they can only occur in the present, the NOW.
In reality you live in the present moment, the NOW.
The past is dead except as memory revives it.
The future is a present thought, conceived and nurtured NOW.
We can never deal with the past or future except as thoughts, our concepts of them reflect our likes and dislikes.
Our pleasures or dis-pleasures.
The mind bouncing back and forth like a ping-pong ball between yesterday and tomorrow robs the mind of the present.
And it gets hung up, incapable of forward motion.

It is never
what happens to you
what you think happens to you.

This is the difference between happiness and misery, success and failure, health and illness.

This the great principle.
Today is the life of life.
Live one day at a time.
Learn to manage this hour, this minute.
You then redeem the past and ensure the future.
Ideas from “Take Off from Within” by Ervin Seale
Be joyous and happy this NEW YEAR!

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