Sunday, December 12, 2010

So you want to take a hypnosis course.

Search for hypnosis associations in your Country, Province/State.

Look for hypnosis courses in your City, Province or State.

What associations is the instructor a member of?
Where is the association headquartered?
How many members are there?
Is there a convention?
How many instructors affiliated with that association are in your area? Country? Province/State?
Does the instructor do hypnosis full time?
  • Is their website strictly dedicated to hypnosis? (You may believe in Psychics, New Age or Holistic alternatives but the reality is the majority of people don't).

  • Are they on YouTube?

  • Look/Sound/Feel too good to be true?

  • Look/Sound/Feel a little too slick? Too well packaged?

  • Does the instructor have a recent, current picture?

  • Have they written a book? Does it make sense to you?

Compare course content of a few instructors.
  • Are they comparable?

  • How many hours?

  • Is the course recognized? By whom?

  • Where is it being taught? Classroom setting? In a house?

  • Can you meet them in advance?

When you see the workbook or manual.

  • Is it professionally printed?

  • Are there blank pages?

  • Is there an index?

I've heard of one course where the content included a "Master Cleanse" and "Grapefruit (Liver) cleanse". What does that have to do with hypnosis? Tarot cards were pulled out. Again, what does that have to do with hypnosis?

Clinical Hypnosis IS NOT Stage Hypnosis.
I've seen the content for a few Masters courses.
One includes case studies and no stage hypnosis.
Another includes stage hypnosis but no case studies.
What is standard within your association? Which one would you choose?
Does the instructor teaching stage hypnosis actually do it?

If you go for a session with a Hypnotherapist or phone for a session they shouldn't be selling you a course.

Choose a professional learning environment.

Once you're there.
Watch for body language, comments about peers, rolling the eyes, etc.
Is the material being taught in a cohesive, structured manner? Remember, you have to be able to do it.
Take your time, do your homework, have fun and enjoy.

People get caught up in the moment during group workshops and then a week later it's "Now What". That's okay.

If it doesn't work out:
admit it,
move on.
Are you going to recommend that course and person to others? Probably not.
Re-assess your training needs if you need to.

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