Friday, December 17, 2010


By about the year 1890 hypnotic treatment had a wide vogue all over the civilised world. We read of Braid and Lloyd Tuckey in England, Esdaile in India, Sturgis, Warren, Flower, Osgood Mason, Boris Sidis and Morton Prince in America, Charcot, Bernheim, Liebault in France, Forel and Du Bois 2 in Switzerland, Moll, Grossmann and Schultz in Germany, Delboeuf in Belgium, De Jong and Van Renterghem in Holland, Wetterstrand in Sweden, Bianchi and Fianzi in Italy, Carophilis in Greece, Strogentzy, Tokarsky and Bechterew in Russia, and the mere list of names and countries shows how widespread the knowledge and use of hypnotism had become.
Leslie D. Weatherhead, Psychology, Religion and Healing (1952)

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