Friday, July 30, 2010

Hypnotism and Health

The Basics
What is Hypnosis?
Can Anyone be Hypnotized?
How is Hypnotizability Measured?
What Happens During Hypnosis?
Does the Ability to be Hypnotized Vary with Age?
Can I Hypnotize Myself?
Is the Ability to be Hypnotized Related to Personality?
What Happens to the Brain during Hypnosis?
How do People Become Hypnotists and Who is Reputable?

A Brief History of Hypnosis

Health Applications of Hypnosis
Can Hypnosis Improve the Quality of Life for Individuals with Chronic Illnesses?
Can Hypnosis be used in Pain Reduction?
Does Hypnosis Increase Physical Performance?
Can Hypnosis Improve Recall?
Does Hypnosis have an Effect on Psychosomatic Disorders?
Can Hypnosis be used in Psychotherapy?
Can Hypnosis help with Weight Control?
Can Hypnosis Help People Stop Smoking?
Caveats for Health Practitioners in the Use Hypnosis with Patients

Recommended Reading
Professional Societies
Institute for the Study of Healthcare Organizations & Transactions


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