Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sezito Myself

Success, implanted in the mind by his power of Auto-Suggestion is worth more than a fortune to any man. In this way we should, by a steady habit of Auto-Suggestion, fix in the Subjective Mind the strongest possible faith in our own ability. Dr. Quackenbos of Columbia University has accomplished seemingly miraculous results in developing great ability in music and art in boys and girls in a few months by Suggestion, which would ordinarily have taken years of training, and which ability might never have manifested under any length of training but for the strange power which Suggestion has of calling out the latent powers of the soul.
Suggestions given to a pupil under hypnosis are accepted with unquestioned faith, and faith seems to have a mysterious power of healing and inspiring, and especially of awakening talent lying dormant. ~ "Sezito Myself" Auto Suggestion

Sometimes, people just need help to hear the music. Kaz Riley @HypnoKaz

Repeated affirmations for a month, especially just before sleep, of such statements as the following will help you create the sub-conscious knowledge of success:
 "I can succeed:"
"I am successful:"
"what others have done I can do :"
"I can do what I want to do ;"
"I can have what I want to have."
  ~ Remember: "Money Comes From Doing"

Many have suggested this affirmation for constant use: "I can and I will." "The human will, that force unseen The offspring of a deathless soul, Can hew a way to any goal, Though walls of granite intervene." It was this Will Power developed in high degree, which transformed the little Corsican into the most magnificent military leader and conqueror the world ever saw, Napoleon Buonaparte. He would regard nothing as impossible, insisting that the word "impossible" was only found in the dictionary of fools, that it was not a French word at all. When told that the Alps stood in the way of his victorious march into Italy he simply said: "There shall be no Alps," and the Simplon Pass was the result. ~ Cultivate Strength of Will Power
B.F. Austin - How To Make Money – 1918

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