Saturday, September 24, 2011


I’ve always been intrigued as to how P.P.Quimby mesmerized his young assistant Lucius Burkmar. He never stated that. There is someone in Italy that teaches Fascination but Weltmer made it clear and simple.

After having tested your subject with the falling test, seat him in a chair with a high back where he can be comfortable.

Tell him to relax all muscular and nervous tension and to look you steadily in the eye without letting the eyes wink or waver; that if he feels the eyes must wink at last, to close the eyes and keep them closed.

Then gaze steadily into his eye, looking into one eye and one eye only, with a strong determination that he shall fall into sleep.

When he shall close his eyes, pass the hands over the eyebrows and eyelids, giving the suggestion that they are sticking fast and that he will be unable to open them.

Then, after having given this suggestion two or three times, lay with firmness and determination, “You cannot open them;" and you will find that he will be unable to do so.

Chapter 14~Hypnotism
The mystery revealed: or, The handbook of Weltmerism; a supplement to the author's new and illustrated mail course of instruction in his science of healing By PROF. S. A. WELTMER

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