Thursday, October 7, 2010

Early American Mesmerism II

La Roy Sunderland (1804-1885)
Methodist minister, abolitionist, and mesmeriser.

He made a special study of animal magnetism and mesmerism, and in 1843 published Pathetism; With Practical Instructions: Demonstrating the Falsity of the Hitherto Prevalent Assumptions in Regard to What Has Been Called "Mesmerism" and "Neurology," and Illustrating Those Laws Which Induce Somnambulism, Second Sight, Sleep, Dreaming, Trance, and Clairvoyance, with Numerous Facts Tending to Show the Pathology of Monomania, Insanity, Witchcraft, and Various Other Mental or Nervous Phenomena.


"What do you think of phrenology?"
As a science it is a mere humbug.
It is at best a polite way of pointing out the soft spots of a man's vanity.
The Quimby Manuscripts
edited by Horatio. W. Dresser - 1921
Chapter Thirteen - Questions and Answers

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